New Generation ABS Cabinet

World leader in cab manufacturing Karmod has introduced the New Generation Cabinet, which it has produced in its product development and R & D processes, to its customers with its many unique advantages. In the New Generation Cabinet, which is designed with its classical architecture perfectly synthesized with modern architecture, every aesthetic is immediately noticeable.


The New Generation Cabinet is another ecological feature that distinguishes itself from the other. Environmentally friendly with very low carbon emissions With new generation production technology, it is 100% safe for employees' health.

The Karmod Next Generation has a number of unique superior features, such as the brighter surface that production technology brings, functional usability. The new Generation of 150x150 in the first stage also has easy transportation and installation feature.

New Generation Different Fraction Details:

  • For the first time in the world, it has been manufactured with ABS sandwich panel structure using automation technology.
  • Brighter interior and exterior surface
  • Lightweight structure with easy displacement and improved impact resistance.
  • Long lasting, washable, stainless ABS material property.
  • Panel system resistant to all kinds of climate and sunlight.
  • Protection against liquids, snow, dust, microbe with anti bacterial neutral silicone application at junctions.
  • Long life PVC door system.
  • 4 mm thick tempered autoclave

CLIMATE CONDITIONS Turkey Climate Regions
PROFIT LIFE 80 Kg / m²
WIND SPEED 80 Km / hr (provided the product is fixed at the place)
GROUND FLOORING TS EN 634-2 Cemented chipboard (Betopan) - non-destructive grade "B"
ISOLATION TS EN 13165 Polyurethane foam (pu) - non-destructive grade "B"
SYSTEM The cabin floor is applied on specially shaped steel constructions and single piece galvanized carrier profiles. The floor to be laid must be on the floor.
FLOORING As the floor covering of the cabin, 2.5 mm thick PVC mineflo flooring is used as floor covering on 16 mm thick odorless and non-combustible cementitious chipboard (Betopan) boards.
MOLD SYSTEM It is manufactured by specially shaped metal steel constructions and aluminum molds and is produced by removing solvent gas from ABS sandwich panel with single automation technology in Turkey and in the world.
CABIN PRODUCTION SYSTEM It is manufactured as double walled polyurethane sandwich panel. Specially shaped panels are hygienic and long lasting with modular construction, after being screwed on by adding, they are insulated with antibacterial neutral silicone and protected against water, snow, dust, insects and bacteria.
EXTERIOR SURFACE COVERING It is made of ABS material and is resistant to external atmospheres and sunlight ultraviolet rays. The white (floransan) color is anticorrosive, washable, stainless and does not rot.
INTERIOR SURFACE COATING Made of ABS material, resistant white (floransan) color is anticorrosive, washable, stainless and non-rotting.
WALL PANEL INSULATION 35 mm thickness 42 dansite Italian origin 140 bar high pressure machines are produced by injecting polyurethane foam. The inner and outer surfaces of the panels are resistant to ultraviolet rays of +60 degrees sun and -50 degrees cold.
ROOF SYSTEM ABS is manufactured as double wall polyurethane insulated sandwich panel. The specially shaped roof panels provide a hygienic image to the wall panels, combined with the bolts and screws, after protection against water, snow, dust and bacteria.
ROOF ISOLATION GRP composite panels are obtained by injecting polyurethane foam at a density of 42 in our roof panels.
EXTERIOR DOOR 4 colored hinged PVC doors with white color. The espagnolette is locked.
WINDOW It is made of aluminum profile in white color with electrostatic powder painted frame. PVC is produced as an option.
PINE The window glass of the cabin uses tempered glass (otocam) with a thickness of 4 mm. It does not harm the user when the glass breaks.
CABLE TSE certified cross-section cables are used.
INSURANCE 16A TSE certified fuse automation is used.
LIGHTING ARMATURE TSE certified luminaires are used.
SOCKETS AND SWITCHES TSE certified plugs and switches are used.
It should be as close as possible to where the vehicle cabin can be reached.


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